Extended Membership

Level 2

Memberships are great for those who want to lock in savings! 
Choose the one that's best for you!

8 Sessions


(valued at $400)

Available Facials:

    European Seaweed Facial
    Deep Clean Facial
    Four Layer Facial

with Treatments:


with Micro Treatments:

    Hand Rescue
    Foot Rescue

with Grooming:

    Brow Wax

with Cosmetic Enhancement:

    Brow Tint


    10% Off Products
Memberships (Sessions) are purchased for stated terms in order to receive the discounted price.

* Sessions can be used as often as you would like within the year, 
as long as you have sessions available.
{Use 1 this month, 2 the next, skip a month and so on.}

* You do not need to schedule everything in the same day. 
Some membership sessions are best done in groups, and others, not so much. 
{Receive your facial and a treatment, come back for your waxing and tinting.}

* Need a different facial than what is listed? Use your credit to pay the difference!

* Sessions expire 13 months from the DATE OF PURCHASE.

* Sessions are transferrable (giftable) to family and friends. 
{Just have them create their own account, and we'll do the rest.}

Extended Membership

Level 2

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